Bariatric psychology: The role of psychologist in helping obese patients coping with their emotions

It’s very important that a patient is psychologically-educated, it is important that they understand that surgery is like a tool and they will have to incorporate lifestyle modifications from their end. They will have to diet, they will have to exercise and that requires a lot of effort.

Somita Pal – We have with us Psychologist Kaehalee Shinde, who works at a Bariatric clinic in Pune. She will be talking about role of a psychologist in treating obesity. We will also be speaking with a person who has undergone an obesity surgery, her name is Abha Padgaonkar and she will be sharing her experience pre and post-obesity surgery.

Dr Kaehalee Shinde – Bariatric psychology is very less explored in India. But we cannot avoid the fact that most bariatric patients do have a psychiatric co-morbidity. Every clinic should have a standard protocol for a pre-up evaluation. There are lot of issues it’s not only a psychiatric diagnosis that you should do allow but from behavioural medicine perspective you should understand the patients psychology, you should understand their coping mechanism if there are stress modulators. There are lots of things that need to be checked.


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