Appointment and Cancellation Policies

  • 01. There will be strict confidentiality of the conversation had with the therapist and information will not be shared without informed consent from the client except in the presence of a risk of self or other harm.
  • 02. Advance online payment is mandatory prior to consultation
  • 03. Cancellations made up-to 48 hours prior will be fully refunded.
  • 04. Up-to 24 hours prior , we would be able to accommodate a request for only rescheduling the booked appointment.  No cancellation can be accepted post that.
  • 05. In the case an appointment is rescheduled by the patient or by the therapist the same appointment policy will be applicable to the new session slot.
  • 06. No refunds will be made on missing of an appointment.
  • 07. The Client understands that the therapy session will last 45 min & if he/she is late to the appointment, he/she will still have to end the session at the allotted time.
  • 08. In case of a policy violation by the client, the center cannot be held responsible for the same.
  • 09. Let us work together with mutual respect & sensitivity.
  • 10. The therapist reserves the right to request a rescheduling of the appointment in case of emergency.
  • 11. We request you to kindly not argue regarding last minute cancellations for ANY reason as the appointment policy would be strictly followed irrespective of the reason for cancellation.
  • 12. By booking the appointment, the client is agreeing to the above stated terms & stipulations regarding the services he/she shall receive.
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