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Kaehalee S. Shinde
Health Psychologist and Psychotherapist


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How does it work ?

You call at least one day prior to book a session with the counsellor/therapist. Counselling is done in sessions. Each session comprises a 40 min time slot that is specifically allotted to you so that we can devote time to listen to you without any rush. The first session is a consultation where the therapist listens to you and suggests a plan of action. After the consultation, we give you an idea about how many sessions are required, what are the techniques we would apply and outline the therapeutic goals we will work towards achieving.

Kaehalee Shinde says,

“I believe in an Eclectic Approach to therapy. I practise an analytically informed mode of therapy with Cognitive, Rational Emotive, Behavioural, Gestalt, Strategic techniques where applicable with an overall person centred approach.

Peace of Mind was established with an aim to change the face of mental healthcare by making quality counselling and therapy services accessible and approachable to all.We do this through our clinic and workshop/internship programs that aim to increase the number of quality mental healthcare providers.

Associations :

Behavioural Medicine Specialist – DOSS Clinic, MJM Hospital

Honorary Health Officer (Counselling) – State Reserve Police Force (Group 2)

Psychotherapist and Health Education Program Manager – Symbiosis Centre for Health Care

MA(Clin Psy), RECBT Albert Ellis Institute - New York, USA

Certified Bariatric Counselor (American Association of Bariatric Counselors)- USA

Director : Peace of Mind - Holistic Health Services

Member :

American Psychological Association (Reg No. 47489926)

British Psychological Society

Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists

She has been trained and supervised in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) from ALBERT ELLIS INSTITUTE, NEW YORK.She has also a Certified Bariatric Counselor and Behavioural Medicine Specialist from American Association of Bariatric Counsellors, USA.

She is an expert in adapting better healthier lifestyle, and changing old unhealthy habits. She believes in holistic health and this is the primary goal of the clients as well as the therapists here. Our Mind, Body and Soul are connected in intricate ways which have been tried to explain by the Bio-Psycho-Social Model which is the primary approach used by her.

She has National as well as International Publication in journals such as Indian Association of Health, Research and Welfare’s Indian Journal of Positive Psychology and International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) XIX World Congress Abstract Volume Obesity Surgery.She has also presented at various National and International Conferences, CME’s and Medical Workshops and Programs.

I believe that every individual is inherently beautiful, trustworthy, rational and full of potential. Everyone has a capability and a drive to become the best version of themselves.However, unfortunately, untoward incidences and unexpected events happen to us.
It is then that you need to remember that:

Emotional wounds cannot be seen but they need to be addressed and healed. Counselling/ Therapy is even sought for personal growth, advice or guidance.

Another and the most important aspect of therapy/counselling is that of confidentiality. The therapeutic relationship is a safe place for you to be who you truly are without any fear of judgements; where you can feel accepted and understood.

And this process of self-discovery and growth and healing is between you and I.

We have a team of Psychological Consultants with their specific specialities that caters to clients.”

Training and Research Associates with Peace of Mind :

Maria Choudhary
School Psychologist
Trained REBT Practitioner
4 years of experience in school psychology
She has worked with several schools from Pune, Panchgani and Lonavla with specialised work with children & adolescents from difficult social situations and boarding schools. She has a varied experience in psychometric assessment, formulating and conducting workshops, formulating Individualised Education Programs and Individual and Group Counselling.

Dr. Shobhana Abhyankar
Over 3 decades of teaching experience
38 National & International publications
14 books co-authored
Recognised Mphil/PhD Guide

Our Team

Kaehalee S. Shinde

Health Psychologist and Psychotherapist

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27th May 2014

Kaehalee Ghorpade's paper, to be presented at a global conference in August, found psychological counselling is often ignored amongst Indian bariatric surgery patients.

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27th March 2015

When Shaila's (name changed) husband reached out to her for the umpteenth time to satisfy his fetish of watching her having sex with someone else, unable to understand his arousal, a shocked Shaila insisted that they consult an expert about it.

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Cut out binges, beat obesity
29th July 2013

With 90% of obese patients overeating due to emotional distress, experts conduct workshop on routing conditioning

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Bariatric psychology: The role of psychologist in helping obese patients coping with their emotions
22th April 2017

It’s very important that a patient is psychologically-educated, it is important that they understand that surgery is like a tool and they will have to incorporate lifestyle modifications from their end.

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